Where to go for support and advice is Brighton

Young Carers Project @ The Carers Centre

The Young Carers Team at The Carers Centre offers; - someone to talk to who understands the good and hard bits of looking after someone. - someone for the person you look after to talk to. - the chance to meet up with other young carers. - the chance to have a break from caring, relax and have some fun. - someone to talk on your behalf and explain what you need. - someone to talk on behalf of the person you look after and explain what they need. - the chance to have a voice and say what you think is needed in Brighton & Hove. -The chance to see specialist people who offer you support; nurses, counselling, life coaching, back care support etc. - the chance to try out activities and sports. - opportunities to think about how to cope well and look after yourself as well as the person you look after. - we talk to schools about what they can do to understand and support young carers and help them to put this into place.

Age Range

5-17 years

Contact Information

01273 746222





18 Bedford Place, Brighton, BN1 2PT

Getting there / Access

We have wheelchair access at our offices, but can also come out to visit or meet in your own home or somewhere else convenient.

When & Where

Access us by referral.

Support and advice in Brighton for 12-25 year olds