Where to go for support and advice is Brighton

Young Persons Drugs, Alcohol and Sexual Health Education Workers (DASH)

The DASH workers work with young people up to the age of 18 around sexual health, drugs and alcohol on a one to one basis providing information, advice and support.

Sexual health support might include:
– Contraception advice
– C-cards
– Chlamydia testing
– Pregnancy testing
– Referral to, and support to access, specialist sexual health services

Drugs and alcohol support might include:
– Education about what different drugs and alcohol do
– The risks around taking drugs and alcohol and how to reduce them
– How to stay safe around people who are using drugs and alcohol
– The reasons why people choose to use drugs or alcohol and how to avoid drugs or alcohol use becoming a problem

Age Range

Up to 18

Contact Information

Sofia Arnell: 07968 424704 Kate Lackenby: 07717 303291


Getting there / Access

Referrals and appointment mornings at secondary schools.
Referrals can be made by any professional, parent or young person (self referral).

When & Where

DASH workers can make arrangements to meet at a location that suits you the young person i.e. school, youth centre, home visit.


Support and advice in Brighton for 12-25 year olds