Relationships and Sexual Health

This page talks all about areas of sexual health such as STI's (sexually transmitted infections), contraception and emergancy contraception as well as keeping safe. It also looks at relationships such as friends and family.

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Sexual Health

What about consent and keeping safe? In England and Wales, the legal age for young people to consent to have sex is 16. Here’s some advice on staying safer

Worried that you might be pregnant?  See the pregnancy testing and advice page

Identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) or other terms linked to the LGBT spectrum? Information and clinic details for you here

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What are STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections)?

There are many different types, some don’t have any symptoms but most can be treated with antibiotics – see here for an overview

Need a clinic? SHAC (Sexual Health and Contraception) has access points in the east, west and centrally, see here

Prefer to test at home? Under 25’s can order a FREE home testing kit by emailing SHAC . Email your name, address and date of birth and it will be posted to you in a plain envelope


What is the C-Card scheme? It allows you to sign up to get a card which lets you get free condoms, femidoms and dams across the city, see here for where

What about contraception? There are many types, some short acting and some longer acting, see the contraception choices chart to see your choices

Need emergency contraception (morning after pill)? It can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex (condom split, missed pill, didn’t use any contraception). See where to access it here



Friendships can be complicated but important, and you can have many different types of friends. Some friends are good for having a laugh with, for exploring your favourite hobbies or when you want to talk about something emotional.

The number of friends you have is not important, what matters is having friends who you can trust, who can support you and who won't try and hurt you. 

It's important if you are feeling bullied, pressurised or negative about a friendship to talk to an adult you trust. This could be a parent/carer, teacher or support worker. You can make friends by finding common interested, look at our activities section to find something you want to do.

Consent and Harmful Sexual Behaviours

(for the use of professionals working with young people)

YMCA WiSE Youth Ambassadors have created a workbook, designed to be used with young people aged 16-18, to explore consent, as well as challenge harmful sexual behaviours such as sexual harassment.

This workbook could be used in a group or 1:1 tailored session. In the back of the workbook are the ambassadors’ own answers and discussion points, so that you have some material to work with as a facilitator.

Find out more about YMCA WiSE

Consent and Harmful Sexual Behaviours