RU-OK? Under 18s Substance Use Service

We offer free confidential advice, guidance, support and information to young people, their parents / carers of concerned others, where alcohol or drugs are:

  • Causing the user or others significant concern about the impact of the use
  • Having an impact on home or family life or personal relationships
  • Affecting physical or emotional health
  • Related to problems at school / college / work
  • Linked to anti-social behavior or criminal activity
  • Putting accommodation at risk
  • Becoming such a part of life that it feels impossible to cope without getting drunk / high
  • Increasing vulnerability to engagement in unwanted sexual activity or drug debts.

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SHIFT (Audio Active)

RUok also offers music and mentoring for school age children at risk from substance use or criminal exploitation.

Age Range

Under 18's and families

Contact Information

Tel : 01273 293966

For enquiries and referrals:

More information

Our service is open Monday – Friday. The general office hours are 9:00 – 17:00 Mondays to Thursdays and 9:00 – 16:30 on Fridays. Late afternoon and early evening appointments available by prior appointment.

We offer treatment to all residents of Brighton & Hove, or those on roll at local schools or colleges, who have consented to the referral. We accept referrals over the phone, from those dropping in or via our referral form, which is on our website. We accept referrals from anyone, including parents / carers and professionals. If the young person has not given consent, we can provide advice and guidance to those who may be concerned about their use.

Wheelchair access, translator service available. Off site visits offered.

We now offer virtual appointments this can be telephone calls or video calling.

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