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The aim of Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) is to identify issues that impact on young people and to play a strategic role in meeting these needs. Young people are the experts in youth matters – capturing young people’s voices and using them to inform developments is essential to ensure that we deliver services which meet the needs of young people.

Youth Advisory Boards are made up of young people and adult professionals who come together to make a positive change for young people and the communities they live in. Young people are consulted on the ongoing developments to the service and are given the opportunity to dictate ongoing developments as participation increases.

Each year, YABs will identify the issues that young people care most about and then take action through campaigning, lobbying, advocacy, and commissioning services. The YABs’ ambition is to influence all services design, delivery, and policies to make them what young people want and need and to improve outcomes for all young people and their futures.

YAB Focus

YMCA DLG Youth Advisory Boards aim to elevate voices that lack representation in society, paying attention to the fact that some groups of individuals in society are disproportionately affected by issues such as mental health, domestic violence, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness.

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How can I get involved? All you need to do is complete the sign-up form at the top of the YAB webpage 

What do you do at YAB meetings? Meetings vary, but the basic structure is as follows:

  • Icebreakers to introduce staff and young people.
  • Opportunity for young people to provide feedback around their experiences.
  • Signposting to information, advice, guidance and support services.
  • Summary, Reflection & Next Steps

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